Durable labels/ Nameplates

Intended use: nameplates, rating plates, security labels, logo or brand signs, fixed asset tags & inventory labels

Main sectors: household appliances, horticulture, computer hardware, telecommunications, audio/video, batteries, electronic components, automotive, tools, industrial chemistry

Available colours: silver, white, transparent, yellow (vinyl)

• Made mainly of polyester (PET), polyamide (nylon), vinyl (PVC), polycarbonate
• High resistance to external conditions, primarily UV
• Resistance to aggressive chemicals
• Resistance to mechanical damage

Description: This label will remain legible throughout the life of the product, with the minimum of three years. Thanks to the compatibility of the labels and adhesives, which are matched with the substrate depending on the different surface energy, our labels retain their properties over time. The films used in the production of labels are UL, CSA, RoHs certified and come from reputable and recognized Polish and foreign manufacturers.

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